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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dream – Inspiration of Life

Dream or Imagination: From my childhood I have been remembering a quote, which used to condolence me from the dissatisfaction of not getting something that I desired to get. I wrote the quote on a canvas wall mat and hanged it in my house. 
Picture of my Wall mat
The English meaning of the quote is as follows:

“If all wishes come true, there would not be anything called dream.
Without dream a life can’t be imagined.
Since there are failures, there are struggles for successes.
Since there are sorrows and defeat, happiness is so precious.”

One may think that dream occurs only while a person sleeps. But the dream I am talking about is not the one you may come across while sleeping. The dream I want to mean is that what you may think of doing or getting a desired position that you imagined in your mind.

What is Dream to People’s Mind?  We all know that a dream is nothing but an imagination, which is not always real or practicable. Some dreams come to true and some do not.  Dream forms at the core of the heart that may have reality or may not. We often say; if you dream of building a house, why not build a Palace. If you dream of eating a chicken, why not cook it with more ghee and spice.  You don’t have to spend any money to dream anything.

Difference between Dream and Hope:   We may hope to meet the dream, while hopes are more accessible. So, dreams and hopes are not the same, while the later is based on some deeds or possibilities. Hopes are made from the real life perspective or from the prevailing circumstance. Some grounds need to be prepared to hope for some result. But, dream remains at the core of heart, without any ground work done. So, there is no percentage or possibilities for a dream to be true.

How Dreams are Inspiration of Life?   The more interesting part of dream is that most of the dreams don’t see the reality. Even though, we make new dreams and try to refresh in our lives. When we lose in a war, it is the dream that inspires us to survive. Dream leads life ahead, when there is no other means. If there would not be a dream to a person, his life would be dormant there. People lose dreams means they lose momentum of life. So, it is the dream that inspires us to live and sustain, even when other means of life are weakened. We have new dream means we try to see the life in new forms. 

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